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Berserk tracking

What the numbers in the top left and top right of the Market board represent?

They let you track how many turns a Hero is in berserk.


Can I choose to not use the secondary ability of a weapon?

No, you can decide to not use that card by discarding it, however if you play a card all secondary abilities take effect immediately after using it.

When a weapon is played: first the dice is rolled to determine the damage done by adding the bonus (or malus) indicated at the bottom left of the card. After this phase any secondary effects, written on the card, are applied.
If the player is not able to apply the effect on the card in that moment, then the effect is ignored.

Example 1: If the player plays a card with a “Draw a card” effect and he has no more cards to draw (for example they are all in play) and no cards in the discard pile to shuffle, then this effect is ignored.
Example 2: If during a player’s turn the hammer is played last then the player has no more cards to eliminate and so this effect is ignored.
Example 3: If the player does not have access to the market during his turn then any market effects are ignored
Pro tip: play the hammer last if you don't want to eliminate any cards from your hand.

Giant Turt

Giant Turtle: how does it work?

This monster does not attack, he is the only defensive monster. He is placed in front of any player (probably your ally or yourself) and acts as a defence card until killed with 4 damage. The Hero with a Giant Turtle can access to the market. The damage and experience work like other monsters he is succeptible to wounds and players gain experience by killing him.


IMP: how does it work?

The Imp is a different monster because he attacks intelligence. Roll the Die and add 2, this is the total intelligence he takes away from the player he is attacking.


Can I drink more beer than I have intelligence, so can the dwarf drink three beers in one turn, giving him -1 intelligence total?

Yes he can, if additional beers has drunk during the berserk period, you gain also the 1LP but you have not to roll again the die again.

Time is near... get ready!


If the dwarf drinks a beer, giving him -1 intelligence, can he still read a scroll?

Yes he can, only the heroes with INT starting point 1 cannot read any scrolls. Dwarf can buy them if he has 10 coins left, or just to steal the purchase from his mage opponent and use the concentration scroll to draw another card.

Pioggia di Meteore

Does damage from spells that hit more targets carry over? For example, if I have a monster with two health and I cast Earthquake, hitting all monsters and opponents for five damage, does left opponent take 5 or 5-2+3=8 damage?

No. In this case, only the damage must be inflicted to the single monsters and the damage done by 'Earthquake' or 'Meteor Shower' is not carried over to the owner, since the player is already directly attacked.

Double Axe

Is the Double Axe two attacks with one die, or a single attack with two dice?

Since Double Axe is a Heavy weapon, you can roll two dice in the same moment and inflict damage to: wandering monsters in front of you, your opponent's defences and your opponent LPs.

Magic Cloak

Armour that provides intelligence, is this only the turn they are played or is it every round they stay in play?

Each turn they are in play.

Are weapons discarded when played, or are they only discarded at the end of turn together with gold used to buy items?

All cards played from a player’s hand (money, weapons , spells, etc.) must remain on the table and will only be placed in the discarded pile only at the end of the turn. Purchased items go directly to the discard pile.


Do cards which make you discard cards from your hand (e.g. Axe or flail) make the owner of a monster discard cards or the player to the left?

The player on the left always discards when an axe is used, even if the monster/s are not his.

War Mug

Can players with no intelligence bonus left still drink from the War Mug?



If I fail at my first attempt when trying to capture a tamable monster, can I try again on the same turn?

Yes you can try as many times as you want, since the money is spent only if you successfully capture the monster. Try again … at your own risk!

Wooden Shield

Can I use more than one shield or wall at the same time?

No, you can have a maximum of one shield and one wall equipped at any time.

Fireball and Lightning

Fireball and Lightning VS Ball Lightning

These magic cards can be used on any player or any monster, even those in front of other players. However Ball lightning must only be used against the player to the left (or the monsters in front of you first) because it follows the regular order of play for heavy weapons and attacking spells.

Can you play a mind control to take control of a monster when you don’t have access to the market?

No, like other cards related to the market you need to access to the market to be able to play it.

If you play sleep and have a monster in front of you can you instead attack the person to your left instead of the monster in front of you?

Yes, you can do whatever you want as long as it is sleeping.

  1. James Laessig

    Hello. I am hoping to have something clarified. In the base game, you have the ability to buy the top card of each deck-type in the Market (beer, potions, scrolls, etc.). However, in Reaper’s Hand, it doesn’t say to set the market up the same way as the base game, making me want to double-check to see if – during an Adventure – players can buy items from the general Market (like the base game allows) during their turns, or are the only cards they can buy the ones that they “encountered / rewarded / obtained” during the current Adventure deck? Thanks in advance.

    • Lore

      Wei James! Yes it is correct, in the co-op version players are able to buy only the cards gathered from Monsters (Loot cards) or to draw cards when instructed. The cards in the market during the adventure are always face down.

  2. Liticia

    What are the rules for attacking monsters not in front of your own hero?

  3. Swampfox01

    How do you “buy” loot cards that do not have a monetary value shown. For example, at the start of the game in the Adventure book it says to add one food loot card to the market. The food cards do not show a cost. How does one purchase the food card?

    • Lore

      Hey Swampfox01
      For Loot cards:
      Items found on mini cards don’t require playing any Money cards to be added to a player’s inventory, however cards dropped in an area can’t be collected while is a Monster in that area.

      For “Draw a X card
      When instructed to draw one or more cards, draw the required card from the indicated deck.
      The party can choose one player to shuffle that card into their deck.
      (eg: • Draw 1 Nuggets, Draw 1 Potion card).
      If the indicated card is not available, no further card is drawn. After doing this, remove the remaining cards and shuffle each deck from which you have drawn at least 1 card.

  4. Miguel

    Thank you very much, Lore. I’ll try to match the cards with your repository for try to know if it’s an incident with my cards or just with the descriptión in the box/rules.

  5. Miguel

    Hi! I guess you are going to update “Could you provide a detailed card list?” question with the detailed card list from Reaper’s Hand, right? I’m having problems matching the standard card list with the real stardand cards in my box.
    Thanks you too much.
    Best regards.

    • Lore

      Hello Miguel, Reaper’s Hand standard cards are 71.
      • 62 cards (market cards + main deck)
      + 2 counter cards
      + 7 special cards (3 Fire Dragon, 3 Bone Dragon, 3 Wyvern).
      The back of the box should say 71 cards, but we didn’t find it fair to include the 2 counter cards (:

  6. Lore

    1) Draw 5 cards from your deck
    2) Play Defence cards out of hand
    3) Flip a new Adventure card
    4) Place Monsters (if any)
    5) Turns of combat and buy loot cards (if no monster in front of the player)
    6) End the encounter (up to 1 turn of loot per player after the last monster has been defeated, or whenever a player wants, even before)
    7) Clean the table, unclaimed loot and defeated monsters
    7) Draw a new adventure card –> back to 4)
    read more at:

  7. Jose Cortes

    I would like to have a clear flow for the battles and after the looting system. From what I have seen in videos and in the rules, this looks like:
    – Flip the dungeon card
    – Add monsters based on the dungeon card
    – Draw 5 cards from your deck
    – Play any defense cards
    – Monster attacks
    – Play cards to attack monsters
    – Discard hand and played cards
    – Draw 5 cards
    – Monster attacks ….

    – Monsters defeated. With the cards I have in my hand the turn the monsters are defeated, I buy the loot.
    – Clean the table, unclaimed look and defeated monsters
    – Flip the next dungeon card

    Is that accurate?

  8. Jose Cortes

    What would be your recommendation to play “one-offs” or a “generic dungeon delve”? In case I don’t want to fully follow the story and just have a quick dungeon walk. 🙂

  9. Polyphemus


  10. Lore

    Please submit your questions and comments here so everyone can participate (=

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