How to place Monsters?
Here is an example.

• Starting with the First Player and continuing clockwise, place the Monsters in the order indicated by the Adventure card, based on the number of players (Party Size).

In a 3-player game, for example, ( ),
draw the following Monsters

2x Lizardman,
3x Fighting Frog,
2x Slime.

And place them in the following order:

1 Lizardman in front of the First Player
1 Lizardman in front of Player 2
1 Fighting Frog in front of Player 3
1 Fighting Frog in front of the First Player
1 Fighting Frog in front of Player 2
1 Slime in front of Player 3
1 Slime in front of the First Player.

First Player

Before drawing the first adventure card chose one player to take the First player token. The First Player token passes to the player who has defeated the last Monster of an Adventure card, making them the First Player. You can buy any Loot cards in play during this turn. Then you can choose one of the following actions:


Other players

After the First Player who has defeated the last Monster, each other player can take their turn and purchase any Loot cards in play.
Weapon and attack Spell cards, when there are no Monsters in play, cannot be played.
Then they can choose one of the following actions:


Drawing a new Adventure card

• The player who intends to draw a new Adventure card takes the First Player token.
That player, during the same turn, continues with the remaining cards left in their hand.

• If a non-Monsters! card is drawn apply the effect of the card drawn.
When the effects have been applied, the First Player discards that card and draws the next one from the Adventure deck.

• If a Monsters! card is drawn place the Monsters as indicated on the previous page.
Monsters placed in front of the First Player attack as soon as they come into play.

Final Boss

Very often you will find yourself facing special monsters, present only in the Adventure Book and that do not have a card that represents them.
Their characteristics (Life Points, XP and abilities) are indicated in this book using the same icons you find on the cards.

NB: if it is suggested to use a card to represent a special Monster, the stats ​​and all the abilities of the original monster are replaced with those indicated by this book.

This was going reasonably well so far...
you survived.

When all the Adventure cards have been drawn and at least one hero of the party is still alive, go to ALIVE section!
The adventure ends and all players must discard their hand and shuffle their discard pile with their own deck.


When instructed to draw one or more cards, draw the required card from the indicated deck.
The party can choose one player to shuffle that card into their deck.
(eg: • Draw 1 Nuggets, Draw 1 Potion card).
If the indicated card is not available, no further card is drawn. After doing this, remove the remaining cards and shuffle each deck from which you have drawn at least 1 card.
The number of cards to be drawn may vary according to the Party Size ( ).


If all the players are defeated (very common during the first few games) go to DEAD section!

Shall we begin?