Homing pigeon

SKapta is a small village on the continent. It rolls into a modest valley overlooking the Numessièr river: a large stream of water that outlines the borders of the human kingdom.
Today is the first day off after a short period during which you worked for a craftsman. You have decided to wander around the woods under the peaks of the mountain range that separates your village from the capital to find some peace and, of course, hunt wild game.
After chasing a hare too fast in vain, you retrace your steps towards the main path. A strange noise grabs your attention: an object seems to have fallen from above into a small grassy area in front of you.
You approach it intriguingly and by moving the fern leaves, you realize it is a pigeon. There are probably other hunters in the area even if there does not seem to be anyone around.
It is a small bird and it is not even enough for the next meal...
But there is something that catches your eye: a piece of paper tied to the leg of the lifeless carrier pigeon.
Curious but a little unsure what to do, you slowly unroll the message and read it:

‘Call to arms! A grave danger is looming and threatens the capital and the stronghold of our dwarf allies.
To all the warriors of the kingdom: arm yourself with swords and pitchforks and rush to defend your capital or support the dwarf people to repel the siege that is coming!
Gather, ready to face an enem...’

“Stop there!”
Shouts a hooded man galloping fast towards you.
You quickly hide the message in the bag and move away from the bush before the man and other knights in armour approach.
“What were you doing?”
You are more than within your rights to be in this wood looking for a bite to eat. Despite your more than plausible excuses, after discovering the bird, the hooded man gets off his horse, frisks you and commandeers the message of the king tied to the pigeon’s leg.
You manage to take your leave and continue on your way back to the village.
“Why is the capital in danger? And why have the citizens of my village not yet been made aware of this dire situation?”

Create a party

• Each player chooses a Hero from those available or draws it at random.

• Each player draws the Punch mini card.
Punch is never discarded and allows you to make an attack during your turn.
You can use Punch once per turn as that turn’s only attack. You can’t use Punch if you play a Weapon or Spell in the same turn, or if you use the Summon ability.

Market of Skapta

• Draw the following cards and place them face up on the market board:
• 1 card / Player +2 from the main deck.
• 1 Potion card / Player
• 1 Nuggets / Player Player
• 1 Food mini card / Player Player
• Starting with the most intelligent Hero and continuing in descending order, each player draws 5 cards from their deck and has only 1 turn to buy one or more face up cards on the market. Remove the remaining cards.
• Then each player discards their hand and shuffles their discard pile with their own deck.

What do you propose?

Head to the village harbor. From the port it is possible to navigate the river in the direction of the capital.

Take the path that leads south. They say the Zik swamps in that direction are a dangerous place inhabited by wild creatures.

Exit the village and take the path to the east, crossing the Plains of Tèlentuf, in the direction of the stronghold of the dwarves,