Ready for battle?

Hey everyone, 

we’re here to update you on progress. We have put the pdf of the Adventure Book while you wait for your paper copy (included in all boxes). You can download it from your dashboard on the Pelotology website (My campaign section).

Coming soon! You will all have access to the interactive version just like in the previous expansion. Check out the Adventure Book and tell us what you think!

While on the website take the time to check the status of your order, if there is one order in progress it means you have already paid for delivery and you don’t have to do anything else (asides wait)!

We have received some material already, however we are still waiting for the pallet with all of the main game components of the new expansion. While waiting we are getting all of the customs documents in order. Our winter delivery has now rolled over into spring, again apologies from our side, we’re working as fast as we can!!!

Keep in touch for any and all questions! 

Thanks to everyone from,

Lorenzo and Deane!

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