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  • The long wait.
    Hi everyone, I’m here to give you an update on the progress of the Adhara project.  First of all, I apologize to each of you for having been absent and not having communicated updates...
  • Almost there!
    Hey guys! We are still alive however thank you to the loyal backers who sent us sincere condolences. We are here to give you updates on the advancement of the Adhara project. We encountered...
  • Ready for battle?
    Hey everyone,  we’re here to update you on progress. We have put the pdf of the Adventure Book while you wait for your paper copy (included in all boxes). You can download it from your dashboard...
  • Final stretch – this is what we’ve been up to. Finalise your pledge
    Greetings to all of our backers! It’s been a minute. We’ve been super busy and we thank you for your ongoing patience. Sorry that we haven’t had much to update recently because we’ve been...
  • December update: Slight setback and happy holidays
    Hey Everybody! Here we are with some updates on the Adhara project. Unfortunately our supplier can not guarantee delivery by the end of the month and this means this set back will affect the delivery...
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Fantasy deck-building game
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Village of Legends - The Reaper's Hand

Base Game

Village of Legends is a two to four player (6 player with expansion pack) deck building/dueling game where players choose a unique Hero and enhance them throughout the game by combining their individual skills with purchased items from the market including weaponsspellsscrollstreasures and more.

Player vs Player
2-4 players
172 cards
6 Heroes
.. and more content!

Grab it today!

The base game is available for purchase and can be on your gaming table in a few days!

The Reaper’s Hand campaign

You will be called on to make choices which will lead your Hero down numerous paths, bouncing from adventure to adventure and facing the quests leaded by the Adventure Book.

Player vs Player / Co-operative / Solo
1-6 players
118 cards
162 mini-cards
3 new Heroes
…and a lot of fun!

Try out the new campaign

Embark on the new campaign today and choose which path to follow to uncover the secrets of an ancient curse.

Players will be called on to make choices which will lead them down numerous paths, bouncing from chapter to chapter and facing the challenges based both their character type, the choices they have made and, as always, fate could rest on the roll of the dice.

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