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Village of Legends is a competitive deck-building game where you choose a unique Hero and enhance them throughout the game by combining their individual skills with purchased items from the market including weapons, spells, scrolls, treasures and more.

Challenge your opponent in a duel to the last man standing, or divide into two teams and join forces and strengths -when needed even sacrifice- to defeat the other team.

Your clashes will move into new depths with Village of Legends - Adhara.

This awesome new expansion is fun and easy to learn and features new adventures, heroes, cards, and tokens.

As well as a lot of new material, that can be used in the classic competitive version, with this new box you will have also the opportunity to create a party and set out to discover new mysteries and face incredible beasts in the cooperative mode.

Whats in the box?

Village of Legends - Adhara contents

Whats in the box?

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