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Check out the interactive version of the rules or download the rulebook PDF.
Also available in: Italiano, español.

If there are any products missing from the order you received, please let us know more details.

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Any questions about the rules?

Our FAQ page for all Village of Legends related issues covers all revisions of the game. Since not everyone has the latest revised rule book check new VoL interactive rules.

Still questions?

Feel free to comment.

Replacement parts or missing items for your order

Damaged and missing pieces

If there is something wrong with your order, here is the procedure for getting things corrected:

Please email vol [@] (do not send parts requests on social media) and include the following information:

• A detailed list of the items you are requesting

• The reason why you are requesting a replacement (damaged, missing, or other)

• Photos of the damaged parts you are requesting replacements for & This is very important so we can file a claim with our courier, please don’t throw anything away without documenting it

• Your shipping address

• Your order number