The Reaper's Hand card list

Money and Staffs

20 starting cards

(16 Coin cards and 4 Staff cards)


3 Scroll cards

(3x Unreadable Scroll)

Pioggia di Meteore

2 Spell cards

(1 Earth spell, 1 Air spell)


4 Potion cards

(3x Elixir and 1x Greater Elixir)


6 Nuggets

Main deck: 27 cards

• 10 Weapon cards (1x Cursed Staff, 1x Dark Elven Blade, 1x Staff of Fire, 1x Flame Blade, 1x Sacred Sword, 1x Shortbow, 2x Spear, 1x Thunderstaff, 1x Warhammer)
• 4 Defence cards (2x Leather Armour, 1x Lizard Armour, 1x Spiked Shield)
• 10 Monster cards (1x Evil Eye, 1x Air Elemental, 1x Fire Elemental, 1x Frog the King, 2x Magic Frog, 1x Mummy, 1x Bone Dragon, 1x Fire Dragon, 1x Wyvern)
• 3x Sheath

7 Special cards

• 3x Fire Dragon Special cards
• 3x Bone Dragon Special cards
• 1x Wyvern Special cards

2 Counter cards

56 Adventure cards

169 mini cards