We’re back and rumors of Dragons have been coming in from the outlying outposts!!

Mobilize the troops, sound the war horns! 

Thanks to your support during this KS campaign I have been able to add additional contents to the game. I’m grateful and here is a preview of the materials unlocked through the stretch goals.

Watchers are here!

“Beholders” have changed their name due to greater and more powerfully observant Copyright monsters.

As well as them, Dragons, their special cards and, the new OVERWHELM ability!

Now available online the new updated rule book, ready to be checked and approved by whoever is willing to do it. We love your input, join the party!

The Monsters have been divided into their own gangs and groups to help you find your bearing in this new undiscovered experience transmit our passion into your imagination… This paves the way for many more adventures in the world of VoL!

What do you think of the new world that awaits your curious eyes? Look at your new adversaries and allies which you will meet along the way.

Lots of love


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