The Reaper’s Hand big preview!

Finally our long awaited update!

(read this update in italian)

First all our apologies for making you guys wait so long. In the last few (a few is stretching it we know) months we have not been idol. Play tests and rule remodeling have been intense just to give you a refined product. We thank you for your patience and bearing with us during this long wait.

Finally, here it is.

Rule book

Have a sneak peek at our new rulebook. Some of it will be displayed in our next update.We have tried to include explanations for the abilities and cards present in all expansions so far so that you don’t have to go digging for rules.

Monster mini-cards

It’s been exhausted but I’m overwhelmed with the final outcome. Individual graphics for each monster card has been unlocked thanks to you, backer!

Some you have already met in battle: they have multiplied!

While on the subject of Giants…

…and annoying little creatures



(Background image has been replaced)


and a few bad eggs… well not all.

But are Guards goodies or baddies? 

One of them is a self portrait


With so many enemies it’s only right that someone is on your side, meet your allies

….and items!

These provisions that you gather are places in your inventory ready to be used whenever needed.

Others however are artifacts or clue cards (all those with a letter on the back) which are key when unblocking all secrets described in the Adventure Book. The Reaper’s hand has been designed to give artistic license to the more creative players by letting them create their own adventures thanks to simple mechanics and an abundance of game material.

Adventure cards

Formally known as Dungeon cards have been renamed Adventure cards: A name more adept to outdoor quests. 

The preview video was made using an old prototype…

…but here are the cards.

(we ask you kindly to not share these images on any public forums)

 … and what’s next?

In our next update (this Sunday 16/2/2020) we will publish the our definitive rulebook for you to critique and approve. This will then be sent for production along with the final version of the game which has already been sent.

The unlocked stretch goal content will also be included (…Watchers are here!) along with a preview of the Adventure Book.

We have been a little overwhelmed but overjoyed with the outcome, we hope that the wait was worth it! Thanks again for your patience.

Other languages
We are collecting contributions create a downloadable translated version the rulebook for other languages. Feel free to contact us for info.


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