A little over the deadline but we’re almost finished!

Right guys

We’ve been as restricted as you in this period defending our villagers and those who aren’t able to fight for themselves! But now that the world is reopening it’s time to let fly!!

Our production problems have been many.. In foresight we should have sent our material just a few days earlier and for that we apologise … But ain’t hindsight is a bitch?

These production obstacles paired with the fact that the attention to detail on a project of this size took longer than expected, we hope you can appreciate that wen you look at the final result. On the bright side… Our product is exactly as we promised.. Better late that never, right?

No cutting corners or upselling on our part will mean that if you are locked in (hopefully not) you’ll have a good quality  game to pass the time. The final product is exactly as we foresaw it.

The four products on offer (Base game reprint, the Reaper’s Hand, AG and TH Combo pack and the free upgrade pack) are almost at the finish line. 1000 of each are being produced right now. The global crisis has slowed us down a bit: we have decided to move our production from Europe to further afield to speed up the process. Our previous supplier has taken the mantle and provides us with the means to supply you on time! It has meant that we are running later than our expected deadlines, however we are sure that you will be as overjoyed with the final product as us.

From your Dashboard you can now download the updated rulebook and the interactive and mobile version (Let the ribbits of the magic frog guide you!) and shortly we will upload a progress form where you can note your party progress online!


While we’re working on getting you your games you have time to finalise your order! Please see our previous update#21 and #update17 for instructions on how to do this! We know most of you have already done it.

Stay at home stay safe, spread love not covid!


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