Important info to complete your pledge

Hey guys, great news!

(read this update in Italian)

All funds have been transferred to our bank account and things are being put into motion. No rush but for those of you itching to get off the starter blocks here is a run down of exactly what you need to do:

1. Access the Pledge Manager

Visita il link seguente e clicca su ‘Lost your password?‘ per impostare una nuova password per il tuo account:

2. Log in and check your credit 

The credit you see is the entire amount of your pledge so please verify that it is correct. 

3.Click the Confirm your pledgebutton and follow the instructions from our Magic Frog

4. Fill in your shipping details

The total of your pledge will be taken away from the total price of your order which will include the shipping costs and any additional add ons. The remaining amount to pay can be paid by credit card or PayPal.

For reasons out of our hands the market at the minute is a little unpredictable.  We will try our best to keep the prices at the current rates unless there is a significant change from our couriers. 

Don’t worry you have plenty of time to complete and adjust your pledge and If you are planning to change address then it’s better to wait before filling in the shipping details. 

5. Check your inbox for confirmation from our website

Once this has been done you just need to wait for your reward.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for any queries 

You stay awesome backer! 

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