Competitive mode Adhara available on TTS… plus update on progress

Most awesome backer, 

Just to fill you in on the state of operations, we’ve been filling our warehouse with all the necessary material like sleeves, packaging and accessories so we’re on the ball when the time comes to send out the orders. This gives us a head start as well as some financial security in the current unpredictable market. 

We’re happy to pass some more good news. 

All of the components of the competitive game are ready for play testing on the Tabletop Simulator steam app with some custom features. We have brought it out in advance with plenty of time to get some feedback TTS from users before we send the definitive game version to print. 

Village of Legends - Adhara on steam
Naga Hero unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign

We are in no way affiliated with Steam as we appreciate the difference between screen time play and actually getting together with mates. We have decided to provide this service as we understand that in todays world it’s not always possible to play in person.  

Another bonus of this engine means you can give us invaluable feedback before we send the definitive game to print so get playing and get in touch. 

Take a peek at these screen shots:

Village of Legends - Adhara on steam

Shout out to Lorenzo Andraghetti who made this possibile. 

Stay awesome backer!

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