Dark priest preview

All our game files are done, and we are currently working on getting the new Heroes, the new cards and the rest of the Adhara content up on Tabletop Simulator so you can test it out and give us feedback before we go to launch the Kickstarter.

We expect to have that ready within two weeks.

I’ll post an update when it is ready for you to play!

In the meantime, take a look to this new bad guy:

The Dark Priest

The Dark Priest uses their position to knowingly commit crimes that are deeply at odds with any good intentions.

Dark Priest

What makes this Hero so dangerous is that despite their obvious evil, they can hold great magery and compete with their less unorthodox adversaries.

A deranged and evil being who has adopted the guise of a cleric and who renounced their divine alliegances to worship demons.

Adhara village of legends
Just some of the new cards included in the new expansion

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