Competitive Game rules!

Hey everybody,

We’re preparing the files to send away to production and we have a new rulebook for the Competitive game ready for you guys to have a look at. This rule book contains all rules previously seen in all expansions however, we’ve made things clearer by including lots of visual examples of game mechanisms. Thanks to all the requests and input from our reviewers and players the rules will hopefully be much easier to follow… Let us know!

Adhara Village of Legends rules

Co-op rules will be included as a part of the Adventure Book and will contain all the rules you need. 

There are many visual examples like in the new competitive rule book, meaning you can get stuck into gameplay without too many resources and you know just which rule book to refer to. 

Right now we’re working on some other files to get them ready for production which means that you will get a sneak peek at some of it before we send it off. 

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