Storage solutions and shipping update

Good morning everyone

The shipments begin to arrive and despite some small delivery errors on our part there were no major hitches.

For all those who have not yet received their tracking number, we apologize for the delay and we will send it asap, the translation and the proof reading of the Adventure Book took longer than expected, we ask you for a few more days of patience.

Storage solutions

For those who have asked how to best organize the materials inside the Bigger Box, here is a video that will help you organize the spaces (in this video we used the thicker sleeves and the material of all the expansions are included).

Upgrade Pack

Those in possession of the first edition of VoL will receive the free upgrade packs as requested. Each card contained in the upgrade pack (two small decks) are to be replaced with the same card with the old frame.

The Reaper’s Hand Adventure Book

The interactive Adventure Book and PDF version will soon be online and available in Italian and English, ​​from your panel on

As you might have guessed this expansion was a very challenging project for me (Lorenzo) and the translations also took an important part of the work. Thanks to the contribution of the wise Deane and the proof reading of some friends around the village we hope to offer you a product that is worth the wait.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on this project!

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