The Future of Village of Legends

With Adhara about to kick off a new expansion of Village of Legends, there is plenty to be excited about.

Today, we’re sharing a look at what the next few months hold for the fantasy deckbuilding game.

Adhara - Village of Legends expansion

We can’t wait to tell you about these incredible new heroes, and we’re going to be doing it in a regular series of news before the launch.

In our instagram page, Lorenzo Lupi, the minds behind Village of Legends will show some of the design choices for the game and we’ll have give you a look ahead at forthcoming expansion, including heroes, cards, and new mechanics.

Here’s the Merchant

Merchant Hero - Village of Legends

This intriguing new Hero outfits theirself in fashionable attire, with their multicolored cloak with decorations of rich embroideries and a great head for business.

We’ll be taking a closer look at their abilities, as we get nearer to the launch of the Kickstarter campaign.

In the meantime, let’s take a sneak peek at the new weapon and monster cards.

Adhara cards - Village of Legends

It’s shaping up to be an incredible few months for Village of Legends.

You’ll be able to contribute to the kickstarter campaign soon, but in the meantime, join us on the “VoL players!” Facebook page to tell us what you’re most excited about.

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