Finalizing Pledge Manager Payments and Addresses

Hi guys

I hope you are well in these difficult days.

Here further explanations for who are still need to finalize their pledge through our site:

1. Accesso to 

If you have not yet accessed your profile then you need to recover your password. Click on “Lost your password?” and you will get an e mail link to follow. the email will be sent to the address connected to your Kickstarter account. In your Dashboard you will be able to see the pledge level you have chosen and what it includes. We already know which pledge you have chosen so we don’t need you to confirm.

2. If you have paid for any add ons you will find some credit associated with your account (listed under “remaining credit to allocate“) please select the items you want to proceed.

We would like to remind all of our seasoned warriors to confirm their free upgrade pack by adding it to the basket before concluding.

3. When your sure you have everything that you want you can conclude your order by clicking checkout. At this point you will be asked to pay for the shipping costs depending on where you are in the world. After confirmation we have everything we need!

If you change address in the mean time please confirm your new shipping details now!

It’s possibile to confirm orders right up April 2020 and our Pledge Manager will stay open throughout the month of April. 


We will able to provide the exact delivery date scheduled for April once we get the confirmation from our manufacturer, located in Europe, which he is currently doing his best effort to work to keep from being late! We are also hard at work organizing logistics to make sure that we can get everyone their copy of the game as soon as possible.

Thank you!


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