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(read this update in Italian)

Good evening/morning/afternoon wherever you are!

We have received nearly all of the completed surveys! give yourselves a pat on the back. In the meantime Lorenzo has been doing the finishing touches to the artwork unlocked in the 8K stretch goal: different graphics or every single mini-card.

Here are the new goblins unlocked with your help… others are on the way: 

For all of the Cyclops and Deluxe backers who have to chose an original hand-inked piece we kindly ask you for patience for just a little while longer so that we can include all of the new drawings in the list tho chose from. We think they are hot stuff and worth the wait if it helps.

VoL Pledge Manager

 A lot of you who have completed the survey have received via message instructions of how to access the pledge manager.

Here is a little guide on how to use it:

  If you have not yet accessed your profile then you need to recover your password. Click on “Lost your password?” and you will get an e mail link to follow. The email will be sent to the mail address connected to your Kickstarter account. 

•  In your Dashboard page you will be able to see the pledge level you have chosen and what it includes. We already know which pledge you have chosen so we don’t need you to confirm.

•  If you have paid for any add-ons you will find some credit associated with your account and please select the items you want to proceed.

•  We would like to remind all of our Seasoned Warriors to confirm their free upgrade pack by adding it to the basket before concluding.

• When your sure you have everything that you want you can conclude your order by clicking checkout. At this point you will be asked to pay for the shipping costs depending on where you are in the world. After confirmation we have everything we need! When we are ready we will send your game to the address indicated. If you change address in the mean time you can confirm your order at a later date. The cut off date for now is April 2020 so let us know in time.

•  In the Pledge Manager control panel you can find access to the digital Adventure Book (when ready). 

•  If you have any doubts feel free to get in touch with us. 

Until when will the pledge manage be open?

It’s possibile to confirm orders right up until the estimated delivery date in April 2020. However we hope to be ready before this date, In this case we will let you know by update!

Why not don’t you use a Post-campaign Fulfillment tool like BackerKit o CrowdOx?

We don’t like the idea of sharing our database of supporters with third parties and we’re pretty sure that we are more than capable of handing everything in house. With these savings in cost we can invest more our resources in the game material quality. We also appreciate the fact that it protects your personal data which won’t be handled by anyone but us. We will take the upmost care to protect our systems to respect your privacy. 

We’re buzzing about how things are moving forward, but we will be even more so when Kickstarter pass us the funds!

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