Rulebook in Spanish, distribution in Germany and update of production progress

Loyal backer! 

Hope you are having a great start to the week. 

While we are waiting for production to finish we’re overjoyed to pass on some good news especially for our European backers. 

animated cards
What do you think about these animated Adventure cards?

The rulebook is now available in Spanish thanks to José María Naranjo Pérez‘s contribution and input. Check it out here.

El barbaro latino
El barbaro latino

We’re also happy to announce that Village of Legends will be distributed in Germany by BNW distribution. We hope that this partnership will go on and follow us through the growth of the game.  After having delivered the new expansion to our kickstarter backers we will team up with them to fill the ranks of the Village of Legends family. They will help us to get in touch with board game shops in Germany. 

Anybody going to Essen spiel this weekend? Keep your eyes peeled for some of our older releases. 

For all those waiting for The Reaper’s Hand expansion we have a surprise. We have added a new soft cover sleeve which will let you store your book, maps and character sheets all in one handy place. With this new accessory you’ll be able to store all needed material together, without any hassle. 

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll get your hands on: 

We’re going to send one to all returning backers who have already bought The Reaper’s Hand Adventure Book too, so don’t worry!

Thanks to you all!


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