Mass production has been finished

Hey adventurer

We hope this update finds you well.

We know you’ve waited for so long… we’re almost there, finally.

Our supplier told us that mass production has been finished!

4 big pallets are ready to cross the sea and reach our head quarter in Italy.

We estimate about 25-30 days to arrive, and after clearing the goods through Customs we will pack your games as fast as we can (few days).

We know the delivery will probably falls in mid-August, so we’ll arrange a survey to be sure that you will be home. 

UPS also offers convenient places for a drop-off nearby the delivery location. 


…And in the meantime we have set up a page on our site, where you can note your party progress. 

You can check it at (login is required)

After saving your Hero, you can also share it with other members of your party, by sending the public link of your hero (this does not include personal datas). Hope you will like it! 

All those who wants to keep it analog and have bought the printed Adventure Book will get also 25 blank Hero sheets.

25 blank Hero sheets come along with the printed Adventure Book


Returning backers that have applied for the free upgrade pack won’t be upset with the new character boards finish. 

Prepare for battle,


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