What lies beyond the Reaper’s Hand?

One year after the delivery of the second Village of Legends Kickstarter, the designer Lorenzo anticipates the new projects scheduled for this year.

“Over the past year, I’ve had the energy to devote myself to my most artistic personal projects, and I can finally anticipate that I’m launching a new campaign for a new expansion of Village of Legends!

I am really excited because now more than ever I am investing all my artistic skills to offer you this new project that as always will see me as an illustrator, game designer (and even musician!).

The shape has already been conceived, but I’d like to know from you villager what you would like to see in this new release.”

If you like, leave a comment or join the discussion on the Facebook group dedicated to VoL players!

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Lorenzo Andraghetti to make a Village of Legends MOD that you can play on Tabletop Simulator, via Steam.

The online version has some useful automation to speed up the initial setup and other nice features and ad hoc graphics.

This online version will also be used to playtest the new expansion when it’s ready!

New cards, new characters, new adventures … What would you like to see in the next VoL expansion?

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  1. Polyphemus says:

    Please tell us more! can’t wait to see more.. The style is promising!!

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