The Finish line! We’ve succeeded🎉!!

Thank to every single one of you!

Lorenzo and Deane

We’re overjoyed to see how many the last minute backers who got on board and have pushed us over the finish line of a very successful campaign and we hope that all of you will enjoy playing Village of Legends – Adhara with your friends for years to come!

So what’s next? 

First let us take a minute here to bask in the moment and of course, take a deep breath. 

Then, check out the timeline of activity for our team:

1. A Kickstarter survey will go out in the coming weeks, which is hosted by Kickstarter itself. 

2. We’ll use the info you give us to populate an account on our pledge manager, and when that’s complete we’ll send you a link at the email address. On the pledge manager, you will be able to lock your delivery address and pay for shipping.

In case you have any trouble processing your payment at the end of the campaign, please visit the Kickstarter’s FAQ Page.

We’ll keep our heads down working but don’t worry we always have time to keep you updated with previews and production process with regular updates!


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