Base game card list

Money and Staffs

40 starting cards

(32 Coin cards and 8 Staff cards)


6 Beer cards

(6x Beer and 1x War Mug)


10 Scroll cards

(3x Meditation, 5x Concentration, 2x Rising Energy)

Pioggia di Meteore

15 Spells

(5 Fire spells, 4 Earth spells, 3 Air spells, 3 Water spells)


9 Potions

(7x Healing potion and 2x Greater Healing Potion)


12 Nuggets

Main deck: 68 cards

• 32 Weapon cards (5x Sword, 1x Broadsword, 2x Crossbow, 2x Flail, 1x Elven Bow, 2x Magic Staff, 3x Morning star, 1x Giant Axe, 3x Knife, 4x Thunder Hammer, 2x Bow, 2x Axe, 2x Elven Blade, 2x Elven Knife)
• 6 Defence cards (2x Magic Cloak, 1x Helmet, 2x Wooden Shield, 1x Plate Armor)
• 14 Monster cards (1x Imp, 2x Orc, 4x Goblin, 3x Bat, 1x Chaos Warrior, 1x Ogre, 1x Fomorian, 1x Troll)
• 10x Chest
• 2x Treasure Chest
• 4x Smelt Gold
+ 3 Dwarven Artifacts
+ 3 Elven Artifacts
+ 5 Kobolds

4 Counter card