Halloween quest

Jack O’ Lantern and the cursed pumpkins

In your uncle Jim’s garden, a large vegetable has grown out of all proportion due to the overuse of potent fertiliser. You must defeat the Jack O’Lantern and the cursed pumpkins to help us save Halloween night!


Defeat the cursed pumpkins that grew in Uncle Jim’s garden! Players must work together to reduce Jack O’Latern’s life points to zero.


  • • Village of Legends base game required as a minimum.
  • • Download and print this sheet and cut out the Cursed Pumpkin and Candy mini cards.
  • • Before starting the game remove all Monster cards from the main deck
  • • Set up the piles on the Market board as in a normal pvp match.
  • • When you kill a Cursed Pumpkin draw a Candy mini card.
  • • The Jack O’Lantern Boss comes into play with 15 Life Points per player.
  • • At the beginning of each player’s turn, before the Monster attack, roll a die and apply the effects
    shown in the following table:
die icon
1: Strangling tentacles! You are paralyzed and the plant is suffocating you with its vines! Discard 4 cards and flip your XP token to remind you that you are paralyzed. While you are paralyzed you must discard 4 cards at the start of your turn. To free yourself from the grip you must inflict at least 1 damage to the vine that is strangling you. Another player can do it too. Any excess damage is lost.
2: The pumpkins from Jim’s garden come to life and attack you! Place 1 Cursed Pumpkin mini card in front of each player.
3: A thick fog covers Uncle Jim’s garden, the monster disappears!
During this turn you cannot attack the Jack O’Lantern. Place 3 Bat standard Monster cards in front of your Hero.
4: A putrid breath escapes from the mouth of Jack! You lose 4 life points! Then place 1 Cursed Pumpkin mini card in front of each player.
5: The pumpkin is furious and calls for reinforcements! All Cursed Pumpkin mini cards in play attack. Then, place 1 Cursed Pumpkin mini card in front of each player.
6: Too much fertiliser! Jack O’Lantern grows out of proportion and recovers 5 Health points. You lose 5 Life points!


Download the Halloween quest (PDF)
Download and print the new mini cards