Sneak peek of the Adventure Book and upcoming stretch goals

Happy St Patrick’s day!

Check out this preview of the new adventure book which will be included in all Adhara expansions. In the next updates we will reveal even more sneak peeks of the game artwork. 

We hope you’ll enjoy. 

Village of Legends - Roc beast

As you might have already noticed that we’ve added some new stretch goals to strive for. 

Up for grabs an additional marble effect dice set and two completely new Heroes one of which is nearing the finishing line. 

For our Canadian backers we have some good news:

We have recalculated our shipping fees and passed the savings on to you, every little counts. Sorry that we didn’t do this at the beginning of the campaign but it’s just come to our attention now, feel free to spread the word to your friends.

We hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the festive spirit. 

Take a break from the battle and recover with a cold brewski!

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