Village of Legends

Kobolds are wild untamed monsters who cannot be bought from the market, when they are awoken from their slumber,
they seek immediate revenge on those who have disturbed them.

When drawn from the main deck they attack the drawing player as if they were an attacking wandering monster. They subsequently follow all of the rules related to wandering monsters attacking and blocking the market from the moment they awake until their death. If a player already has an attacking Kobold the second monster card will automatically attack the player to his left (unless this player also has an attacking Kobold in which case the monster will keep moving left until he finds a vacant space). At the end of each turn, if they are not defeated they move and attack the player to the left.

When killed the player who kills them gains the relative amount of XP and the Kobold is removed from the game.

Any Kobold card drawn at each player's first turn must be removed from the game (flip another card).

Download the printable version of the Kobolds rules
Download the printable version of the rules