Village of Legends


Here are the differences you can find in the Base Game reprint:
Heroes have been redrawn (keeping the same format and the characteristics). Hero Character boards will be improved with rounded corners and the same finish as the cards (300gsm on C2S paper).

Like mentioned, cards have new colored frame with a different color for each card type
• All beers have a white frame
• All scrolls have a purple frame
• All potions have blue frame
• All monsters have a red frame

This should help when setting up by making it easier to divide up the cards. All of the card abilities and characteristics have not changed so the game mechanism is still the same. Some of the cards be have been redrawn (at the artists discretion).

New expansion combo pack

Contains two expansions ‘Ancient Guild and ’The Horde’ in a pack with the four added Heroes, 2 Dice, 4 XP counters, 4 Health counters, 4 poison tokens.

These two decks and related Heroes will be second edition with a colored frame depending on card type matching with the reedited design.